Tesco shines out as a beacon for customers looking for affordability, dependability, and convenience in the busy world of mobile networks and online retail. When 2024 approaches, it is time to examine Tesco Mobile’s products to see if it can withstand fierce competition. 

In this review, Tesco’s offerings, coverage, and customer benefits will be examined and compared to the overall market. Regardless of whether you are a new or returning customer, this thorough analysis seeks to inform you about Tesco Mobile’s position in the present telecom market and help you make an informed decision.

What is Tesco?

Tesco PLC, an expansive global conglomerate, looms as a potent entity within the retail realm, especially within its supermarket domain. In the digital sphere, Tesco maneuvers amidst swirling currents of innovation, deftly crafting Tesco into a labyrinthine expanse. Here, amidst bursts of consumerism, it offers a plethora of groceries, household essentials, and an array of meticulously curated products, catering adeptly to the mercurial desires of its multifaceted clientele.

What about Tesco?

Tesco emerges as the digital vanguard of Tesco PLC, meticulously fashioned to elevate the shopping expedition for its clientele. Introduced as a harmonious complement to its physical storefronts, this virtual sanctuary showcases an expansive spectrum, ranging from farm-fresh produce to state-of-the-art gadgets, chic apparel, and even financial solutions.

It stands as an indispensable component in Tesco’s comprehensive strategy to cater to the surging appetite for online commerce, presenting a seamless fusion of convenience, competitive pricing, and unrestricted access to a vast array of Tesco’s offerings, encompassing its telecommunications arm, Tesco Mobile.

With an instinctive interface and a logistics infrastructure finely honed for swift dispatches, Tesco has firmly etched its position as a paramount online retail destination, resonating not solely within the confines of the UK but also transcending borders to captivate audiences on a global scale.

What network does Tesco Mobile use?

This strategic collaboration empowers Tesco Mobile to harness the expansive 4G and 5G network coverage of O2, thereby ensuring its clientele experiences seamless and dependable connectivity throughout the British Isles. By amalgamating O2’s technological acumen with Tesco’s hallmark customer service excellence, this partnership engenders a compelling mobile service proposition, resonating profoundly with the discerning British populace.

How good is Tesco’s mobile coverage?

The network reliability and coverage of Tesco Mobile receive a significant boost through its strategic partnership with O2’s infrastructure. Leveraging O2’s extensive network, Tesco Mobile ensures its customers experience unwavering connectivity across the vast expanse of locations. O2’s robust network blankets the majority of the UK, delivering strong 4G coverage to over 99% of the populace, thus ensuring consistent and dependable service for Tesco Mobile users.

Furthermore, customers revel in remarkably swift internet speeds across numerous urban locales and increasingly remote areas, courtesy of O2’s relentless advancements in its 5G network.

Pros and Cons of Tesco


  • Affordable Plans: Budget-friendly options for all types of users.
  • Clubcard Points: Earn points on spending, redeemable for discounts.
  • Flexible Contracts: Easily adjust plans as needs change.
  • Family Plans: Discounts and simplified billing for multiple lines.
  • Strong Coverage: Reliable 4G and growing 5G network through O2.


  • Limited Phone Selection: Fewer exclusive handset options.
  • Variable Customer Service: Experiences may differ, especially in busy periods.

Compare Tesco Mobile offers

Tesco Mobile maintains a competitive edge in the market by tailoring an array of mobile offers to suit specific user requirements. These SIM-only packages are particularly appealing to individuals seeking to retain their current phones while enjoying Tesco Mobile’s services.

This unique selling proposition not only bolsters its value proposition but also establishes a tangible link between mobile expenditure and rewards redeemable across Tesco’s wide array of goods and services. 

For individuals prioritizing rewards and cost efficiency alongside reliable network coverage, Tesco Mobile emerges as a compelling choice.

What are the alternatives to Tesco Mobile?

In the dynamic realm of UK mobile networks, there exists a multitude of alternatives to Tesco Mobile, each presenting distinct advantages and tailored plans to meet diverse consumer demands:

1. EE: Renowned for boasting the swiftest 4G network across the UK along with expansive 5G coverage, EE stands as an excellent choice for individuals valuing internet speed and seamless connectivity.

2. Vodafone: Distinguished by its extensive array of plans and comprehensive international roaming options, Vodafone emerges as the preferred option for globetrotters and those in search of adaptable data packages.

3. Three: With its proposition of unlimited data plans at competitive rates, Three holds significant appeal for heavy data consumers and individuals seeking transparent pricing structures.

4. O2: Serving as the underlying network for Tesco Mobile, O2 offers direct access to its services, accompanied by perks such as O2 Priority, facilitating access to exclusive deals and experiences.

5. Giffgaff: Positioned as a pocket-friendly and flexible alternative utilizing O2’s network infrastructure, Giffgaff garners recognition for its contract-free, SIM-only deals, resonating with budget-conscious consumers.

6. Virgin Mobile: Harnessing the infrastructure of EE’s network, Virgin Mobile presents compelling plans and incentives tailored for Virgin Media patrons, rendering it an attractive option for bundled service offerings.

How does Tesco Mobile compare against other networks?

When comparing Tesco Mobile to its competitors, several factors stand out:

1. Price and Value: Tesco Mobile is highly competitive in terms of pricing, often providing more affordable options than direct network operators like EE and Vodafone, especially for users leveraging Clubcard points.

2. Flexibility: Tesco Mobile provides a similar degree of flexibility to Giffgaff, but with the bonus of Clubcard points thanks to its flexible contracts and family plans.

3. Coverage and Dependability: Tesco Mobile’s network coverage is so extensive that it rivals other major networks, thanks to its partnership with O2. This means that most users will experience reliable service.

4. Customer service: Although Tesco Mobile makes an effort to offer good customer service, there may be differences in the encounter. Direct network providers may offer more consistent customer support experiences.

5. Handset Range: Direct providers like EE and O2 tend to have a wider selection of the latest smartphones compared to Tesco Mobile.

In summary, Tesco Mobile’s strength lies in its balance of cost-effectiveness, coverage, and the unique value-added through Clubcard points. However, for those prioritizing the latest handsets or seeking the fastest possible internet speeds, networks like EE might be more suitable.


Que: Does Tesco Mobile offer family discounts?

Ans: Yes, discounts are available for multiple lines.

Que: Can I earn Clubcard points with Tesco Mobile?

Ans: Yes, you earn points on your mobile spending.

Que: Can I keep my number if I switch to Tesco Mobile?

Ans: Yes, by using a PAC code from your old provider.

Que: Does Tesco Mobile have international roaming?

Ans: Yes, with varying rates by destination.

Que: Any hidden fees with Tesco Mobile?

Ans: No, all charges are clearly outlined.

Final Verdict

In the active and competitive landscape of UK mobile services, Tesco Mobile stands out as a robust option for a wide array of consumers. With its competitive pricing, extensive network coverage via O2, and the unique advantage of Clubcard points, it offers a compelling package for those seeking value and convenience. While the selection of handsets and the variability of customer service experiences may give some pause, the overall value proposition is strong, especially for Tesco shoppers and those who appreciate flexibility in their mobile plans.