You may choose the ideal design and fit for your wardrobe from our hand-picked list of the top websites to buy Kurtis online in India in 2023. Referring to our list of the top 10 and best online retailers where you can buy kurtis in India in 2023 will keep you up to date on the most recent fashion.

Additionally, you will learn about numerous specials, brand news, the newest trends, and other information. For modern ladies, kurtis are an essential piece of clothing. Whether a woman is a student, a working professional, a housewife, or an older woman, she virtually always wears a Kurti these days. Kurtis is also offered in a variety of designs with the utmost comfort of the clients in mind.

Over the years, Kurtis has changed and are now fashionable items. This Indian clothing has spread across numerous borders and is now being embraced by several fashion-forward countries. Since they may be worn formally and casually, kurtas are always in demand.

In order to make your buying experience as hassle-free as possible, we have made an effort to review the top online stores in India where you can buy kurtis. You may be sure that we used a thorough procedure to identify these top 10 shopping websites for exploring and purchasing Kurtis for all occasions.

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Top 10 Indian online stores to buy kurtis from for updating your wardrobe:

The most basic outfit that can help you carry yourself in style is a kurta. The ideal top-wear is the stylish and cozy kurta, which comes in a variety of lengths, shapes, patterns, and colors.

With so many alternatives, customers can become completely perplexed. Choosing some of the greatest brands in this market by contrasting them will be made easier with the aid of our review of the top online retailer of kurtis.

It gets challenging to choose the best in a market that is crowded with so many established companies. Without much brand awareness or exposure, consumers may choose the wrong brand, which can lead to unpleasant experiences.

Through our thorough research process, we are here to assist you in selecting the top online stores that sell Kurtis. Our compiled list will help you choose the greatest products. Look down below.


Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

Without question, Myntra is among the top online stores in India for clothing. It serves as a one-stop shop for all of your online clothing needs. This Bangalore-based online store, established in 2007, offers some of the top apparel and accessories from well-known manufacturers. The popularity of Myntra increased after Flipkart bought it in 2014.

make up a sizable portion of the total number of clothing categories featured on their website. Customers can choose from a variety of collections on their platform, depending on their budget, preferred brand, material, size, shape, and color.

Kurtis is grouped under “Ethnic Tops” on the Myntra website, and you can use different filters to view the complete selection at your pleasure. You can use the mentioned brands, price ranges, colors, and numerous discount ranges to choose your ideal kurta.

On Myntra, there are over 150 different brands of kurtis. From emerging businesses to well-known brands, everything is offered here. Some of the top-selling brands are ADA, MALHAAR, Prakrti, Libas, Anubhutee, Anouk, Antara, and others.

For those who are in good health, Myntra also carries a sizable selection of plus-size brands. Their cotton kurtis with prints are very popular. Through their website or mobile app, Myntra offers the ease of online shopping. Online transactions are even more secure when using a secured payment gateway.

has quickly gained popularity among internet users because of speedier delivery and an easy return policy. Kurtis is simpler to purchase, and you can match them with readily accessible palazzos and leggings. Another benefit of shopping online with Myntra is that they have a helpful customer service department.


Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

Ajio takes pride in offering unique and exclusive kurti designs, making it a favored destination for fashion-forward shoppers. With a mix of handpicked selections and independent brands, this platform ensures you stay ahead in the style game. The app’s intuitive interface makes browsing a breeze.

The greatest website to get kurtis online in India is unquestionably AJIO. Online buyers are familiar with AJIO because it is a division of Reliance Retail. This Bangalore-based eCommerce company was established in 2016 and offers the greatest online fashion buying.

For both men and women, AJIO offers a wide variety of collection options based on the preferences of the customers, whether they are looking for Western, Indian, or ethnic clothing. Customers can browse through and pick up items from the trendiest and freshest collections, which are known to provide special offers.


Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

Known for its vast inventory and quick deliveries, Amazon India has emerged as one of the leading destinations for online kurti shopping. From handloom designs to modern prints, they offer an extensive collection from various sellers across the country. The user-friendly interface and reliable customer service make it a top choice for fashion enthusiasts.

The extensive selection of options on Amazon should put an end to your quest for the best cotton kurtis online. Without a doubt, Amazon IN is the biggest eCommerce site in the nation, offering a wide range of goods along with an incredible selection of fashion.

Numerous vendors are listing both well-known names and fresh new brands on the Amazon site. Due to their excellent customer service and widespread preference and confidence among Indian consumers, Amazon receives a tonne of orders, especially during holidays and during months with sales and discounts. Visit either the Amazon website or their mobile app for some new, interesting items.

It is usually best to order on Amazon because of their simple return policy and next-day delivery (for Prime members). In addition to this, the holiday season offers many fantastic deals and discounts. Additionally, Amazon takes care to box its goods securely. And because of this, about 80% of Indian consumers favor them.


Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

Biba is a renowned name in the world of ethnic wear, and their online store lives up to the brand’s reputation. From vibrant prints to elegant embroideries, their kurti collection caters to women of all ages. The website’s filter options allow shoppers to find kurtis based on size, color, and occasion effortlessly.


Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

One of the greatest online shopping sites in India for clothing and accessories is Flipkart. Walmart currently owns the majority of this Indian eCommerce portal, which has its headquarters there. When it was first established in 2007, it exclusively sold books, but it gradually expanded into all market areas.

In reality, Flipkart is Amazon’s main rival in India. Under the apparel department, there is a huge selection of clothing for adults, women, and children. On Flipkart, more than 11,000,00,000 kurtis are listed.

Only on Flipkart can you find your preferred kurtis at a price that is competitive. Additionally, free shipping and savings in the form of SuperCoins are available to Plus members.

Women’s ethnic wear includes kurtas, which may be further filtered by price range, user reviews, size, length, type of sleeves, color, occasion, pattern, etc.

Neemiya, Divastri, Janasya, Vbuyz, Nayo, Jaipur Kurti, Aks, AHIKA, Libas, Varanga, and more well-known brands of kurtas are among those available on Flipkart. On Flipkart, there are some gorgeous kurtis with eye-catching prints, vivid colors, and sophisticated designs.


Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

Limeroad stands out as one of the top online retailers of kurtis in India. This Gurgaon-based online fashion store was established in 2012 and has been in direct competition with Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon.

You won’t be without options thanks to their enormous selection of clothing. There are around 13,833+ items in the Kurtis section. You can also look at the popular brands and fashions for each type of clothing. There is a sizable selection of Kurtis in the ethnic wear department, which has been expertly picked.

Customers can narrow down their selection of kurtis by sorting them all according to criteria like new releases, discounted items, price range, color, size, brand, etc.

109F, Aadi Shakti, Aavri, Aayori, ADA, W, Juniper, Piroh, Fab Global, and others are some of the top brands with their most recent kurta collections available on Limeroad.

Almost all year long, Limeroad offers enticing discounts on kurtas including percentage offs and buy two, get one free deal. Additionally, to receive higher savings, Limeroad Gold members also receive a variety of other advantages.

Their customer service responds quickly to complaints and offers satisfactory solutions. They also have simple return policies, making them an excellent online store to use for any subsequent purchase.

Shoppers Stop

Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

The well-known shopping website Shoppers Stop is part of the same-named retail company. It has been around since 1991 and is owned by the K Raheja company. However, the online store opened in 2008, and a mobile app followed in 2016. They guarantee to be the family’s one-stop shop for all of their fashion requirements.

They provide an excellent selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, giving you an excuse to update your wardrobe. When it comes to Indian cultural apparel, Shoppers Stop’s stunning selection will compel you to look through their pages.

On their website, the Indian apparel section just has a Kurtis tab under the Women’s tab. The page then opens up with a brand-new array of kurta tops that would make you roll your eyes.

Ritu Kumar, Aarke, Allen Solly, Amukti, Biba, De Moza, Global Desi, Fusion Beats, Haute Curry, Infuse, Indya, Janasya, Juniper, and other well-known brands are among those included.

The selection of kurtis can also be browsed based on the discounts being offered. The availability of different sizes, colors, and price ranges can also be investigated. If it’s more convenient, one can order it online and pick it up at the closest store.

Fab India

Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

An American who was employed by the Ford Foundation in New Delhi founded Fabindia in 1960. Later in 1976, it entered the domestic retail market. As of 2020, it has 327 local stores and 14 outlets abroad. Additionally offering merchandise online, Fabindia showcases fabrics produced using conventional Indian methods.

It takes pride in linking more than 55,000 rural artisans to contemporary marketplaces. So, Fabindia is a great destination if you’re seeking Kurtis. You will be glued to their website because of the eye-catching color combinations of the printed, woven, and embellished kurtis.

By experimenting with parameters like price range, color, size, fabric, pattern, neckline, sleeve type, fit, and style, customers may browse through their collections. You may easily order your preferred kurta and have it delivered using user-friendly websites or apps.

Online shopping with Fabindia is made more appealing by their simple return policies and helpful customer support. By experimenting with parameters like price range, color, size, fabric, pattern, neckline, sleeve type, fit, and style, customers may browse through their collections.

You may easily order your preferred kurta and have it delivered using user-friendly websites or apps. Online shopping with Fabindia is made more appealing by their simple return policies and helpful customer support.


Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

Westside is regarded as one of India’s top online retailers of clothing and accessories. It belongs to the Tata Group and has over 200 retail locations in India. In addition to its retail activities, Westside also conducts business online using a very uncomplicatedly built platform.

No such Kurti area is specifically listed; instead, one must look for it on their website or mobile app. Kurtis is available, but there isn’t as much choice as there is on other online sites. Only Zuba, Utsa, and Diza are listed as brands.

The only further search criteria that shoppers have are size and price range. Again, there aren’t many options for parameters. Westside’s little collection, though, is unquestionably worthwhile. They ship all around India and have open return policies. So, if you’re searching for something unusual, you might try Westside for kurtis.

 Nykaa Fashion

Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps

The flagship brand of Nykaa, an online superstore known for offering health and cosmetic products, is Nykaa Fashion. Founded in 2012, they initially only sold beauty products until expanding to include fashion products in 2015.

Nykaa Fashion is a rapidly expanding online store with some incredible names available. The website is simple to use, and you can simply find the Kurti tab under the Women’s section under the Indian wear category.

Over 800 goods are listed under the category Kurtis. Nykaa Fashion offers fresh, current fashions. W, Aurelia, Soch, Global Desi, Biba, ADA, Janasya, Rangriti, Ziyaa, Jaipur Kurti, Divena, and more well-known brands are among those you can peruse.

Customers can also narrow down their choices based on price range, size, promotional discounts, colors, materials, sleeve kinds, occasions, fit, pattern, and work, and neckline styles. There are many of the mentioned items are on sale, which is another good reason to shop at Nykaa. You will be compelled to try out their huge choice of mentioned products.

How to Shop for the Best Kurtis Online in India

Kurtis is a fantastic way to express your personal style. Kurtis is such wonderful clothes that enhance your appearance no matter where you are, whether you are at work, at a party, at home, or for any other occasion.

Online kurta selection might be a little challenging, whereas purchasing a kurti in a store is a different experience because you can actually touch and feel the fabric and designs.

When a brand suits you, it can be simpler to just select the appropriate size and proceed to the checkout. Otherwise, before choosing a specific kurti for yourself, it is better to follow some checks for each new portal or brand.

As internet shoppers, we are constantly asked about concerns about quality, price, delivery, returns, and refunds. Even though such factors will never cease to frighten us, the following considerations must be made specifically while buying Kurtis online.


When picking a kurta, the quality of the fabric is crucial. Cotton is the most favoured fabric for maximum comfort due to its softness and breathable feel. Additionally, it is effortlessly maintainable and washable. Other options besides cotton include silk, georgette, chiffon, crepe, etc.

An occasion to be worn:

The type of kurti you should purchase online depends on the event where it will be worn. There are party ones, casual ones, expensive ones, long ones, and short ones. You should adopt the look and feel comfortable based on your demands.


Price is the deciding factor when making an internet purchase. Most internet purchases are driven by convenience, then by price. Check out the pricing advantages you are receiving as a result. Or, if substantial discounts are being provided, hold onto it.


You can choose a Kurti piece’s pattern from prints, embroidery, or woven pieces depending on your preferences. All of these works are not available on every online platform. Look over a few of them and purchase it appropriately.

Return & Refund:

This becomes a significant consideration while purchasing kurtis online. Sometimes, after much consideration, when you buy and the thing is delivered, certain problems may arise while using it.

There can be a defective product, a fit issue, packaging damage, etc., for which you would prefer to replace or just receive a refund. Then, online platforms with simple exchange policies are useful. So, before choosing a specific website, look over the return rules and read the user reviews.

Let’s clear up your questions.

Even if this article includes a review of the best websites to buy kurtis in India in 2023, you may still have questions about this classy women’s outfit that is crucial for expressing one’s personal sense of style. We are here to answer your questions so that you are certain about the product you want to buy and are not misled by other misrepresentations. We have done our best to respond to the following frequently asked questions about purchasing kurtis online. Look at this.

Which Indian internet retailer offers the best kurtis selection?

The best online store in India to buy kurtis is without a doubt Myntra. The sheer variety of collections and the listing of well-known brands will provide plenty of options for choosing the most appropriate Kurti. You have the option of shopping for yourself or buying gifts for your loved ones. Additionally, they have a solid reputation for refunds and returns. Additionally, the fact that they frequently provide discounts and promotions may be another incentive to use them.

Which company sells the greatest kurtis?

Some of the top Kurtis brands include Aurelia, Biba, and W, which are sold both online and in physical locations. They update their goods in accordance with the most recent trends. You are sure to find the ideal kurti for yourself among the many colors, styles, and patterns available.

Is Kurti the same as Kurta?

A Kurta and a Kurti are different from one another. While the former refers to tops without collars that are loose-fitting and typically fall just above or below the knee, Kurtis describes tops with side slits that are higher than the waist and expose the midriff.

Is the kurta a traditional outfit?

The modern Kurti is a modified version of the Kurta, which is regarded as traditional clothing. Earlier, it was waistcoats and jackets that fit over the waist; later, they developed a slit and hung down.

FAQs: 10 Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites & Apps In India

What are the best online shopping sites for kurtis in India?

Answer: Some of the best online shopping sites for kurtis in India include Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and Nykaa. These platforms offer a wide range of kurtis from various brands, ensuring a diverse selection to suit every style and budget.

Can I find designer kurtis on these online shopping sites?

Answer: Yes, you can find designer kurtis on various online shopping sites in India. Websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and Limeroad offer a dedicated section for designer kurtis. Here you can explore exquisite designs created by renowned fashion designers.

Do these online retailers offer kurtis in a variety of sizes and fits?

Yes, these internet stores provide a variety of kurtis in various sizes and fits. To assist you in selecting the best size and fit for your body type, they typically include thorough size charts and product descriptions.

Are there any online kurtis that are reasonably priced?

Without a doubt! India’s online retailers offer products for a variety of price points. On websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, and Max Fashion, you can find affordable kurti alternatives. Finding reasonably priced yet fashionable kurtis is made simpler by their frequent sales, discounts, and special deals.